Top Secret

Bonjour, Bonsoir,

Wherever this box finds you, thank you for allowing it to find its way into your hands. There were many things I had planned surrounding the release of my album ‘Cereal’ - most of which became completely impossible this year. This however, was the one piece of my world that I was able to get to you; I hope it brings a little joy to your day / week / year.

Growing up in a small town in the South East of France, like everyone, there were hard times; those hard times meant cereal for dinner. I was always happy when this would happen, my favourite box sat waiting on our table with cartoons ready to hit play. It was only growing up that I learnt what all of this meant; for me it was still the best time.

Cereal is a tribute to that this year. I hoped that each song would bring some light to anyone listening. Whether it be moving you to dance or just giving the reminder that sometimes the smallest things, like a good song, or your favourite cereal, can bring you a little joy.

Pastel · 2019 - New